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an eclectic collection of shops decorate historic 19th street in the houston heights. clothing boutiques, gift shops, antiques, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, art galleries, toy stores, local eateries, Live music venue and much more! 

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Semi-annual tent sale

July 8th 10am-6pm

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third Thursday Sip & Stroll

Sip & Social

July 20th 5-9pm

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Dirty Linen Night
August 17th 5-9pm


August 5th 6-10pm

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In a time where every cupcake must be organic, gluten-free and made with unicorn tears, and every toy must involve learning concepts a child can use to solve global warming and at least get into Harvard, it’s good to know there’s someplace where a kid can truly just be a kid. Enter Big Blue Whale toys & curiosities. 

Developed in 1890, Oscar Martin Carter chose the Houston Heights to create his vision for a planned community where successful entrepreneurs and working people alike could live and work, in health and safety, as neighbors. Carter included a commercial strip at 19th and Ashland Streets and arranged for stores to open there to serve new residents. Today 19th Street is a thriving Houston jewel offering a curation of locally owned storefronts that is the coolest shopping block in the City!  

19th Street Heights