Squared Away

Squared Away organizes all aspects of the home: kitchens, closets, garages, attics, photographs, home offices, and holiday storage. Squared Away has a team of trained and experienced residential organizers available to help you with any of your organizational challenges. Each member is skilled at assessing the project, developing a plan that best fits your needs and goals, and  implementing solutions and systems efficiently and professionally.

Our style is one of keeping things effortless and beautiful. The systems we put in place are simple to understand and easy to maintain. We want you to be able to find things when you want them, find putting things away a breeze, and to create spaces in your home that function without thought. The easier we make it for you – the longer your house will maintain it’s organizational foundation. 


Monday-Friday:  9am-5pm 

                           by appointment



Historic heights 19th street

19th Street Heights