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Historic heights 19th street


As tea’s popularity grows, a specialty tea bar is a perfect fit for this community. Though tea was once reserved for warriors and kings, today you’d be hard pressed to find a more modern drink. Most specialty teas are shade grown before exposed to the light, which lends them their bright color and concentrated nutrients. Plucked by hand, the best parts of the leaf become loose tea.

Lee Garcia loves brewing tea. So when the opportunity presented itself to turn one of her favorite hobbies into a career, she jumped at it. Garcia earned a bachelor’s in agricultural engineering, and quickly became a key player in the rampant success of Texas’ specialty tea industry. In 2005, she founded Texas Tea & Travel Magazine developing a publication for tea lovers across the region. This April, Garcia expands her tea knowledge and niche tea production in the Houston Heights historic neighborhood with TEA+ART, showcasing hand-crafted teas and an premiere art gallery.

Tea is a powerful drink. It has the fantastic property of bringing people together. A good tea bar facilitates conversation between neighbors and good tea turns conversations into friendships.

19th Street Heights