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Fly High Little Bunny

Fly High Little Bunny owner Cody Reaves and his artist-wife, Sandra Evette, enjoyed a global sojourn that inspired them to bring that bohemian bling to the Heights with the re-launch of their funky jewelry shop.The little yellow bungalow on the corner of 19th Street & Rutland holds more than the sterling silver jewelry for which Fly High Little Bunny is acclaimed; you can select a vibrant rug or a hand-painted couch in the new retail selection inspired by the couples’ travels through India, Africa, and southeast Asia. Reaves and Evette pride themselves on having created an accessible way to shop for jewelry, calling their selection similar to famed highway destination Bucee’s mixed in with James Avery and Tiffany.

Reaves reports that there has been a high demand for custom jewelry, so shoppers can expect the unexpected: raw diamonds, moon stones, and everything in between encased in settings designed by the customer working side by side with the store’s designers with a goal of creating pieces that are reflective of the purchaser’s personality. Fly High Little Bunny is the perfect place to pick up a unique gift for your loved ones or select a piece that compliments your soul. Stop by today to experience this 'jewel' on 19th Street.

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