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Big star bar

Big Star Bar is your local watering hole on 19th Street. The spot to find cheap beer, local brews and a full bar plus pool table, jukebox & satellite radio, room to dance, normal-screen TV's, large outdoor patio, firepit in winter, friends & neighbors.

Just take it from Lindsey Rae and Thrillist article. “Big Star Bar is one of those magical unicorn spots in the Heights. I feel like it is just enough off the beaten path and unless it’s a large event celebrating Bowie or Urban Cowboy, folks forget what an amazing neighborhood bar it is. It has such personality without being too kitschy. It is a true Texas dive bar with a weapons grade amount of personality and a back bar that is solid too. This isn't a place you want to ask for a cocktail menu but it is the spot where you can grab a solid drink and have an amazing night.”

Favorite drink/feature: “I can get a shot of fireball and a Lone Star at a solid price, play some amazing tunes on the jukebox, and hang out in a giant backyard. What's not to love?!?! More folks should swing through, give Charlie and Roy a big ole hug too, they may look tough but that's just their beards talking.”

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